When the Lights Go Out


Our power just shut off here, the whole street. It’s so lovely and quiet; I imagine it’s how Bronte wrote, just the candles and the silence. Not even the heating or water pumps are running. No hum of the fridge, nothing. I’m posting this via my phone.

My kids can’t stop talking of course. They’re uncomfortable, but I’m in heaven. It’s truly wonderful.

Thank you.


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  1. I wish it were silent here. My neighbor’s generator kicked in just as the power went out. To cover the annoying sound, I am playing music on my iPad (good for nothing else with no WiFi). Now I am putting away my phone to save the small amount of battery that I have left. Enjoy the quiet!

  2. I am always amazed by how much noise is going on around us. The freezer is humming, things are buzzing. When the electricity goes out the silence becomes almost loud. The ears do feel a relief. We have really learned how to tune things out, haven’t we?

    • Great observation, that we’ve learned to tune things out. I find it unsettling; Prince said something like all sound is music, and now I hear what you’re saying and I wonder how much I’ve missed because I’ve tuned out. Hmm. Thanks for your amazing insights, Lil.

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