this is me. cartoonized to smooth out the wrinkles and to hide my roots.

I do not know where to start. I hear often from books or philosophers: “Be true to yourself.” or “Be who you are.”

What the what does that mean? I was talking with my mother today and I said this to her: “Parents endeavor to show children their childrens’ potential: what they can be (doctor, lawyer, poet, teacher). Children (it doesn’t matter if they’re yours or someone else’s) show adults the adults’ reality: who the adult is.” (nice, blowhard, patient, jerk). It’s a subtle distinction, but suffice it to say that my children are as just as effective teachers as my parents ever could be, but for entirely different reasons. Oftentimes, the what is vividly different than the who. It doesn’t matter what you are: poet, lawyer, artist, teacher. If you don’t like ‘who’ you are in a child’s eyes, you can change it.

Who am I? I could say “mother” but that’s a what. I could say “writer,” but that too is a what. What is a who? Who. . .

Who: I am a soul, feeling its way around this world in a human body; fighting my intuition more than I’d like. I am a tangle of ideas, insecurities, fears, feelings, thoughts, lessons, truths, memories, energy and perceptions; I am working hard to untangle them.

Here’s a post when I sorta let the gloves off, even thought I was still restrained: “real.

I am a mother and I am a blogger, but I am not really a mommy blogger; that genre requires a special skill and level of empathy and enthusiasm about sharing stories of my children that I don’t possess. And watch your mouth, I’m not a motherblogger either.

I am in the process of learning and listening to my intuition. A lot of what I write are observances ushered by my intuition; it’s about time…. That’s Who I Am.

Oh, and I’m also the only girl in both my families: only daughter with two brothers; and I have no daughters. That’s OK. When I scream because of a spider, they come to rescue me.

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Who else? You.

Thank you.

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