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Is it “serieses” or “series'” — even though the ending apostrophe connotes possession…?

I started some series(eses) in the fall through the 2012 winter. Check ’em out.

About them…(I’m trying to figure out how to lump them all together online, but because I know nothing about TLMH or whatever it’s called, that might never happen)

Tuesday Morning Press: random random random and usually pretty freakin’ funny (if I do say so m’self). I’ve written more than 20. Click on Tuesdays on the calendar to the right.

Three Things Thursday: (“3TR”) three things I share to enhance our mind, body and spirit. Usually the suggestions are free and very simple. The less self-conscious you are, the more useful the content; let your freak flag fly, man. Click on Thursdays on the calendar to the right.

Fiction Fridays: that’s also listed under “Fiction.”  <– that link works. Or click on Fridays on the calendar to the right going back to the first Friday in January. It’s deep, some of that stuff, but I wrote it so what else is new?

30 Days of Jung: This is where I take a popular quote from Carl G. Jung, father of modern psychoanalysis and do my best to make sense of it or argue it. I call that technique, “whatevering.”

Quitting Facebook: I gave up Facebook for lent in 2013. How’s it going? Will I go back? I still don’t know. Here is the first post in that series: https://mollyfielddotcom.wordpress.com/2013/02/12/what-i-will-gain-from-quitting-journal-entry-1/

Some themes that you can hover over on the right margin below or you can enter as a search term:








Or, you can send me a note through the comments below and I’ll find it or write about it if you wish.

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