Because I’m on a journey.

A journey for my personal truth. Egads, that sounds SO tired and so cliché…

I started to write a blog on January 2, 2011 (I’ve never been much for new year’s resolution and I prefer being fashionably late) after hemming and hawing for years. It goes back to the wonderful irony of the fame averse and the fame hungry: “No one thinks about you as much as you fear they do” and “No one thinks about you as much as you wish they would.”

I started this blog as a chronicle for my kids. In the maudlin self-affected way of saying, “When I die, here’s something that tells you what I think about things. You can see it anywhere you have a connection to the web.”

I have things to say. Like you, anyone else: I have my way of saying them. People tell me they like the way I say things; that they can hear my voice, hear me speaking when I write. Apparently that’s a pretty good sign that I’m doing it right.

So here I am, trying to figure this out. I want to write a book; I’ve got tons of ideas and three pretty good ones which are all in various stages of development. Do I continue? I think I should because if I don’t, I’ll probably make myself sick.

They say the hardest step to take is often the first one. I’ve taken that step; I think the remaining steps are just as hard.

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Thank you.


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  1. I’m reading these to Patti as she lies in her hospital bed recovering from her surgery. She likes me to read to her, especially your “stuff”.

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