You, heck yeah, you!

You are a part of this process.

Do you want me to write about something else?

Do you want me to stop writing about something?

Does anything that I write resonate with you? Make you smile? Make you sigh? Make you wanna hug someone?


The life of a writer is a lonely place; I can feel pretty isolated in here. The brave tell me if it’s working and I dig that.

So be brave! Tell me what you think.

Do you want to be a beta reader for the books I’m supposedly writing?

Let me know! You can always email me at

You can follow me on Twitter at @mollyfieldtweet if you’re so inclined; you can learn about how a 32oz coffee cup is too small and other random stuff.

Thank you.

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  1. Me! Me! I want to be a beta!

    I love your personality; it definitely shines through your writing. Your outlook on life resonates with me–the take it as it comes and the ‘you never know what you’re gonna get’ attitude. You put things in a way that is very relatable and add your own brand of zesty-ness. You don’t take life too seriously, and I think that’s pretty AWESOME.

    • thank you Stacie! it’s me… it’s all i’ve got. 🙂 i can’t take life too seriously; i’ve learned that treating it as it is and being happy with surprises is the way that works for me. we all have our moments, our “times” and our reasons. i forget that sometimes too, but my recall is much better each time i remember. 🙂 send me your email at and i’ll e-mail you the PDF of the first draft. thank you SO much for your offer. 🙂 i like you. you are a good egg.

  2. I love ur blog it’s so cute just like you! I love how you added your personality to the top links at the top!! =)) I can see you sparkle through ur blog! Great job hunnie! xoxoxo It’s been so good getting to know you ❤

  3. I want to tape your pilot light post on my bathroom mirror and read it daily, wish I’d had it when my children were small. It’s not too late though to remember your words with my grandchildren. Thanks.

    • Oh thank you! I grew up with people who co-opted or upstaged my emotions (“good” or “bad” ones) or who just completely dismissed them. So I had no real … guidance. I’m so pleased you enjoyed this post. Thank you.

  4. I think you have a lot of knowledge that I’d love to learn but (even though I love the side commentary) the article on chakras bounced everywhere. Maybe if I were smoking the reefer it would make perfect sense!

    • Funny! Thanks for your comment. Yes, I would agree that the chakras post bouncy. For some reason I have a hard time writing about the chakras. I think it’s because often people want a solution to *one* issue, but often that’s impossible because everything is interrelated and so if I have a shoulder pain, which I’ve written about, I can address it with a wide angle lens, but in reality, every pain we have, to me, originated from the root chakra. If we know who we are and we walk in that affirmatively always, then everything else will fall in line. But if we jab no real sense of who we are, then how can anything we do really have a sense of grounding? It’s like a mission statement. I see the root chakra as a mission statement. If an organization has no mission statement, then most of the things it does or whatever standard it operates under will be loose, distended, and likely: out of alignment. Same with people.

      Anyway, thanks for your comment and for reading. I don’t think reefer would actually help; this stuff is pretty esoteric.


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