As with everything I create, the fiction is my own. I ask that you request that and link back to me or attribute my ownership if you choose to share it.

This fiction is just my fun fiction; my real fiction (the stuff I’m going to submit for publication in a book) is offline. But I take everything I share seriously. This should give you a sense of how I write.

May 7, 2013: I’m taking down the story I wrote in January through March, known as Garret the Woodsman, because I want to publish it as an experiment in self-publishing and eBook sales. I’ll let you know when it’s up. But here’s what I said about the story a few months ago:

What is Garret the Woodsman? It’s a story about a troubled young man whose obsession with the ecology and green living has consumed him and led him to commit crimes, and bizarre acts of self-mutilation. His best friend, Cynthia, has loved him since she first met him, but he is forever obsessed with his desires to save the world.

This content is written on a week-by-week basis hinged on a prompt shared by a crew of other female writers. It started in January 2013 as a writing challenge because bloggers tend to not write any fiction ever. I link to everyone in my posts.  I found the prompts from various online writing sources although I wrote all the prompts for March because I was unsatisfied with the prompts I found.

Garret the Woodsman tells itself to me as the weeks go by. Almost all the prompts were addressed within three hours of publication time; sometimes that’s pretty obvious. Once I post the chapters, I don’t edit them save for a typo here or there.

There is no plot line other than the one that reveals itself to me weekly as I write the story.

Let’s do this…

Garret the Woodsman

Chapter 1:  Garret the Woodsman 

Chapter 2: Years Later: Garret Sees Cynthia

Chapter 3: Crime and Astonishment 

Chapter 4: Everyone Has Something, Garret Just Has More

Chapter 5: Cynthia Sees

Chapter 6: The Car Ride Dream

Chapter 7: Belief – Doubt = Sanity 

Chapter 8: When a Patty Griffin Song Shows the Way

Chapter 9: Inside the Knott

Chapter 10: Cynthia Recovers

Chapter 11: Beware: Betrayal Behind You

Chapter 12: Chance and Miss

Chapter 13: Lion and Lamb

So, thanks.

2.0 — Short stories and possible beginnings of longer ones…

These entries below are sort of becoming their own little thing, and if I’m not careful I’ll figure out a way to blend the immediately above story into all of it as well….
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