I Don’t Know What I’ve Done, But Now I am on WordPress

I Don’t Know What I’ve Done, But Now I am on WordPress

Hi reader.

Happy Memorial Day Sunday (are you watching “Jaws”?)!

I’d be lying if I said I truly intended to open this account today.

I was tinkering around and here I am. I am glad I am here, on WordPress, because my blog http://www.grassoil.blogspot.com on blogspot is making me a little nuts. The feeds aren’t going to both of my subscribers (sorry Dad, sorry elementary school homeroom teacher), nor does it allow me to set up “categories” with any ease and People have been saying that WordPress is superior, so I think it’s time I made the switch.

I have but one request: please bear with me while I awaken an area of my brain that was frozen in carbonite with Han Solo. I really don’t know what I’m doing.

What I’d like to do now, is migrate all my stuff from blogspot over to this WordPress blog, and since last Friday afternoon I have seven tabs open in my browser from all manner of sources: YouthTube (like that??), google, wordpress and even typepad:

look at all those tabs! my brain hurts.

I’m a writer not a data wonk and so to say I’m pacing around like a caged tiger would be an understatement; I simply don’t know how to do this. DNS, Masking, unmasking, servers . . .  it all seems so ironically permanent. It reminds me of the time I saw my printed wedding invitations. >gulp!<

I need a drool cup. I’ve become a mouth breather with eyelids at half mast. The BreadWinner just came in and looked at me and said, “Mol, do you need a break?”

I also have apparently set up, via my tinkering (which seems to be the electronic version of doodling in that it is permanent on the “e”paper, so to speak) a really weird WordPress … domain: Mollyfielddotcom.wordpress.com. I TOTALLY didn’t mean to do that. So that’s prolly gonna change. If it has, then The BreadWinner fixed it.

I did just create a new web domain: http://www.mollyfield.com – which is really cool. I don’t know what to do with that. The BreadWinner said to open it because if I’m finally serious about writing, it would be a good idea to have it. Y’know, just in case Knopf wants to publish everything I’ve written: from my notes I leave on the door for my teenage son when I’m out running errands: “NO DANCING GIRLS AND NO FUN OF ANY KIND” to my as-yet completely undercover MOMB (monkey on my back) a tome currently under construction.

The basis of all this is that even though I write a blog, I *HATE* the idea of self-promotion. I need to find my inner Ru Paul, my inner Charo, my inner Dennis Rodman, my inner Madonna Paris Hilton Sofia Vergara, si. But… I’ve done the things that create these opportunities: written, opened a blog, opened a sister page to the blog on facebook, which has a very modest and highly intelligent following (i love you guys and thank you for reading my stuff) and I recently joined Camp NaNoWriMo thanks to the support and encouragement of a wonderful high school friend and his wise wife. So these things are happening (because I started them) whether I like it or not.  Maybe I should get behind the wheel on the bus I’m clearly riding. The only thing I haven’t done yet (and I’m cringing at the thought): Twitter.

So, I guess this is my first post on WordPress which also seems to be my probable final post on blogspot. I just hit 5,588 hits over on the old blog, so this is hard, but I have to remember my personal take on life: that my success means quality not quantity.  I’d like to thank the fates and my incredibly poor comprehension of what the what I did two days ago, but . . . um, I can’t in all good conscience.

The bottom line, FINALLY! If you’re following me on blogspot, please switch over to this blog. I think it’s easy to do: just click on the “follow” button below (Egad I hope it’s there) and enter your blood type, etc., and you’re good to go.

thank you,


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