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I want to write a poem about my Birch tree

Yet I feel my observations might besmirch me

To you, my fair reader, who had no temptation

Of reading my barking without compensation

The birch, she’s a three-trunk, a trifecta of trees

Who’s named for each son I’ve bounced on my knees

She’s a good forty feet tall, and provides perfect shade

For the vendors who park out front when they’re bade

To my home to address one thing or appliance

Which exists in the house, but not in compliance

But she’s shedding herself always, her green DNA
Without warning or notice on each blessed day
If it’s not ripe yellow leaves, then it’s buds, or it’s pollen

Abundant enough to shut your eyes swollen

Or branches or twigs, for they fall all the seasons

She shares quite a lot, she’s a tree, needs no reason!

Lo, the trimmers, they stalk 

To approach and begin talk 

Of topping her off, limb by limb!
” ’cause she’s too close to the house!

She might let in a big mouse

Through the gash she’ll create on your shingles!”

But her sweet narrow limbs, so wispy, so thin, 

I impart a sly grin, 

I’ll not pay you to help your purse jingle. 
She’s been here since ’03, she replaced a sick fir tree

Infested with mites and decay

A neighbor says she’s too big, to close to my house

I think, “Did I ask? I don’t care what you say.”  
She’ll outlive us all, for her roots are quite spread

Beneath grass, grown anemic and thin

‘Cause she sucks all the water and drains nitrogen
Her older bark is quite rough, but her newer like paper

That my sons have used to write me notes

Of greetings and devotion 

Based on instance, or notion
For in her long lifetime

We are just a vapor.  


Update: Oops. I wrote this in June. I haven’t written anything since, and I pushed the wrong button, apparently when visiting the WordPress app this morning… no matter. Maybe publishing this has loosened my writer’s block. There are no mistakes. 🙂 
Thank you.   

Bunny Wrangler


My son done caught a wild rabbit with his bare hands.

He can add “Bunny Wrangler” to his c.v.


He was mowing the lawn and out popped this little guy. Spared him from a Toro Tragedy, a Honda Horror. He’s resting comfortably under some bush or in his den with his mama.

As for the bunny…?

We just released him.



He took about 10 hops to a cluster of hostas and vanished from sight.

Have a wonderful weekend wherever you are.

Thank you.

The Big Picture


Indulge yourself. Look up from your small screens to see the big picture.



Life is happening and has happened all around you.


Some people say they’re weeds. I say they’re right on time.


If they are weeds, we all are weeds, for all of us have a purpose and a reason to be here.


I took just a few pics snapped from the walk to school last week, now that spring is in full effect.

Jump offline to jump outside.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Thank you.