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homage to the microwave


here’s just a little something i cooked up a moment ago when the spirit hit me…

hello dearest beeper, it is me looking dour
for the children are hungry, it’s near the six o’clock hour
i have a menu planned out, ’tis true, yes ’tis true
but i forget that i made it, and there’s no time for stew
i think and i think but no vittles come to mind
so i freak and i dash to the basement to find
what’s in the freezer? what might save my ass?
is it some chicken? a meatloaf? o dear, the sea bass?
but as i dig deeper and deeper, lo behold holy moley
it’s a bag, a big one! full of four-cheese ravioli!
quick! dash back up the stairs, for it’s almost sunset
dump it into the crockpot, ’tis no time to fret
crockpot?? shmockpot! o! what am i thinking?!
i’ve no time for hi or lo: time’s on the brinking!
use the pot nonetheless, press the button: “defrost”
close the door, say a prayer, we will eat at all costs
eight minutes later, dinner’s ready, thank God
for i very almost blew it, we nearly ate cod.

© molly field 2013