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My Interview. No, I’m Being Interviewed. Yes.


Hi all –

I played Q&A with a friend on her “Weekly Wisdom” blog as the “Artist of the Month” — that’s very fancy sounding isn’t it?

Anyway, I blather on (and it’s pretty short) about creativity and artistry and creartistry.

Peggie is a practical and non-predictive palmist and intuitive whom I had the pleasure of meeting almost three years ago. She’s amazing. She does long-distance readings via Skype, phone, mail… you’ll have to talk to her about that.

Check out the interview at http://us1.campaign-archive1.com/?u=467468a1fa496c0967d25f21a&id=063e9dc01b

Just so you know, those lovely people dancing in the pic on the masthead are not me and my beloved (whose birthday is today — HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BREADWINNER!); they are Peggie’s parents and today is their wedding anniversary. Lots of awesome things happen on August 29th. (And catastrophic things, like devastating hurricanes… love to NoLa.)

That is all. Have a great day!

Thank you.