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Year in Review: Most Popular Posts


Hi all —

It’s that time of year when we look back to look forward. Use the data and the lessons and the knowledge we have acquired over our fleeting lifetimes to learn what works and doesn’t work for the life and year(s) ahead.

I don’t do a ton of self-promotion. I’m a big believer in the tried and true, simple notion that if you’re good at what you do, word will get around. The organic growth I have witnessed on my blog (almost 10,000 views!) since joining WordPress in May has been encouraging. I tell myself to not get too mixed up in numbers, that this is not a popularity contest (despite what Facebook and other envy- and 15-minutes-of-fame -breeding “services” obviously push) and quality is something that builds on itself.

Starting with the best of intentions means you must work just as hard.

Writing, blogging, sharing, posting… all of these “arts” are hit and miss. The thing that keeps me going in this 21st Century world of self-disclosure is that I’m not alone: there will be posts that simply hit every mark I strive for: humor, candor, mindfulness, reflection and self-awareness. There will be some that also totally miss their marks, but I will be honest: these are posts that aren’t ready to be written or are those to which I am so close to the content that it’s hard to separate myself from it in any meaningful and translatable way.

I’m not big on fiction writing (publicly), so all my posts are true.

Enough stalling.

The top 10 most popular posts since May 27, 2012:

For the Ladies – Living and Thriving with PMDD – this humorous, candid and lengthy post written to help those who are afflicted with very deep PMS or “premenstrual dysphoric disorder” (PMDD) symptoms. I give a pretty clear picture of how PMDD manifested in me, some advice on how I deal with it and active links to help those people affected by it. PMDD is real, it’s scary as hell, and it can be managed.
Hoping the Mayans are Right – this was my post written after the Newtown murders where I hope that 12.21.12 was the “death” of the age of myopia, blame, selfishness and isolation.
Parents, Protect Your Children and My Letter to the School. – true story: I ended up “shadowing” a little kid to school one day because she was all alone on the path one morning.
After the Storm – this was written the day after “superstorm” Sandy decimated the east coast. I was utterly disgusted by the lack of awareness, the rabid and continual self-promotion on Twitter and some Facebook pages. This post is image heavy and candid (shocker).
False F(r)iendship, Feeling Unseen, Unheard and Dressing Very Old Wounds – everyone goes through life feeling like a doormat or a piece of furniture. Sometimes it’s a recurring theme in a lifetime. Here’s a way to recognize it, know you’re not alone and hopefully move on.
real – this was my “coming out” post where I shed a couple layers of my protective armor to let the world (or both my readers) know I’m not always blithe and living some fabulous life; that I have a story too.
Who – this is one of my “pages” on the blog (I have several at the masthead: who, what, when, where, why, respect, thanks and about). It’s just more about me… blah blah blah…
Justice for the Little People – I felt like William Wallace (Braveheart) when our school finally got what I’d been working my butt off for the past few years to get for the roadway in front of it. It feels good, despite the fact that the school administration is still mum about it.
Angry Rain, OldMan Car, and Tiger Mascot Suits – this is a melange of my observations one day. It includes humorous comments about the weather, my husband’s Toyota Avalon and a poignant observation of a dad returning from Afghanistan to be our school mascot.  I believe it was the beginning of what I ended up calling “Tuesday Morning Press.”
Respect – another “page” about my blog.

Collaborative posts

No blogger can exist in an island. We are a tribe that empowers and encourages our fellow tribe members… here are some of the great posts of the year written by other bloggers and me, other bloggers as guests or me on other bloggers’ sites:

Guest Blog: DeBie Hive’s Photographic Eye Turns to Fall – A nice pictorial essay on what autumn means to one of my favorite people I’ve never met.

Yesvember: Gratitude Expressed in 100 Words or Less – six brave souls and mine endeavored to write what gratitude means to them in 100 words or less.

Dome Life – How to Paint “Prince Charming” – ever wanted to know how to paint a rooster? Here’s a blog post that shows you how the famous Lillian Connelly paints one anyway… and I got to keep the piece.

Guest Blog: Breast Cancer Awareness & “Sensitarian” – my friend Sharyn shares her letter she wrote a year ago, when she was first diagnosed with breast cancer.

Guest Blogger: Good Geek Ranting – I have mad respect for Shua Smith — the dude wrote a book, “The Rise of the Dragons,” and that’s not easy. He’s also a very clever and funny writer. His blog is one of my favorites.

Go here to find me there

Go to Good Geek Ranting to Find My Guest Post … this is probably one of my most funny posts; there’s something about being on someone else’s site that is liberating for me. I get to be a little crazier, I guess. But if you didn’t see this one – please go. Especially if you like Alice Cooper without makeup.

I’m Guest Blogging Today at DeBie Hive – lots of pics; this explains why I row and what I get from it. It’s about the meditative effects of the sport and how it feeds my soul.

Peevish Penman Post: How Forcing NaNoWriMo Can Break a Barbie – I’m thrilled and flattered to have been asked to be a regular contributor to a great writer’s blog called “Peevish Penman” and I will always link to it on my blog. This particular post is about my tarrying over NaNoWriMo this year. It involves putting Barbie’s head in a vise. Jealous?

My favorites

This is actually pretty hard. I’ve had a blog for almost two years and the posts are stacking up. My timing is random, my “themes” are random, but I’m seeing some patterns and that’s fine by me. I don’t know how to pick just a few. But I’ll give you some really old ones that remind me of why I started this in the first place.

taking my own advice. – my first post ever.

when you’re five years old – every 5 year old should feel like this is familiar territory; and the parent of five year olds need to remember what it’s like and not foist absurd expectations on to their kiddos.

shopping cart from hell – that’s right. read it.

raffle basket and beans – what happens when you look away.

perfect mother? no. not even close. – oy. I love my mom, but our relationship is not the easiest; we boast two totally different personalities. I am glad to have learned over the years that I’m not alone in that realm.

When the Bough Breaks: Forcing – this post earned me an award and was one of the last ones I wrote before I almost gave up on blogging due to some really insane and childish behavior by someone “in the field.”

Dear Things 1, 2 & 3: Don’t Tell the Neighbors, but Your Father Lives – I love my husband. He’s a great dad. Here’s why.

the toothpaste aisle from hell – yes. Don’t tell me you’ve got that aisle all figured out.

Marvelous Monday: Amazing Things – this is me: “If the sight of the blue skies fills you with joy, if a blade of grass springing up in the fields has power to move you, if the simple things in nature have a message you understand, rejoice, for your soul is alive.” – Eleanora Duse. I talk about it, my fascination and gratitude for “the everyday” in this post.

Go With Your Gut or What Happens When You Don’t – all i have to say: when your intuition says “don’t do that” — DON’T DO THAT.

she missed his final breath. – my neighbor died of metastatic lung cancer. this is about his surviving wife.

Two posts caught the eye of other bloggers the most this year. A Brie recipe, for obvious reasons, so here’s that… http://wp.me/p2tc3X-19k

And a quick post I wrote about some parent’s confusion between online sharing and jeopardizing their children’s safety. Just my opinion: http://wp.me/p2tc3X-ZU

There. This is all I’m gonna throw at you. Although I’m not big on self-promotion, once I write that book, I’ll have to be better about it. In the meantime, I’m going to try it stone by stone. What’s up for 2013? Some cool stuff actually: I’ll be posting fiction on Fridays and in January, I’m going to be part of a fiction writing prompt. I’ll be here, doing my random thing. I’m going to endeavor to keep all posts to less than 1,500 words. (I’m six shy now).

Thank you so much for joining me here.

Tuesday Morning Press


Welcome to a new feature that might make it for more than one installation.

It’s the Tuesday Morning Press wherein I write nonstop (lucky you) between returning from walking the kids to school and getting ready to be late for yoga.

Some recent developments:

1) I went to Pennsylvania Dutch country this last weekend with my good friend RICK! and her sons along with Thing 1. He is 14. Soon I will just call him the 14-old-old because I’m lazy. Yes, I see the irony about typing more letters to save chaos. I’m also very conflicted about this decision so maybe I’ll just let it ride out and see how it goes. Back to the trip. We try to go every October because they have this awesome auction held by a local Amish contingent and I like to buy other peoples’ castaways. I have a nice collection of random brass-like things from auctions in years past. I’ll take a picture you can ignore in a couple days.

Per that trip, I intended to take pictures of the experience. I did bring my nice camera, but not the right lens, so what I’ll do is lie to you and tell you that the pictures I took are from my most recent trip. The thing is, it’s not like the Amish are up to anything new; they didn’t break out in a flash mob of silence and piety (well, maybe they did and I didn’t notice because it’s how they are anyway) so the pictures I took are really quite pleasant and HEY, I’m NOT harshing on the Amish. I dig them. I just wish they’d shower more often than they do and make up their minds about the whole fake mother-of-pearl snaps instead of buttons thing on their shirts — several of which I found to be rather flaaashy.

Auction score though: I got a brand new 20′ aluminum, Werner brand, Made in China extension ladder for $70. Holla! And some massive pumpkins for cheap. Here’s a pic of one:

this pumpkin is so big i couldn’t fit it in the camera.

One year, the pumpkin was pecked at by squirrels. This year, I’m gonna come up with some sort of hot pepper glaze to put on it so the bastards leave it alone. If any of you guys have advice for me in that arena, I’d appreciate it. I’d ask the Amish, but they pretend to not understand anything I say that doesn’t involve my giving them my cash. I AM NOT KIDDING. Look, the lady at the local Target up there told me all sorts of stuff about what they buy from her. Trust me: it’s not just black shoes and charcoal briquets.

2) I am joining a multi-author blog called “Peevish Penman.” I posted an interview I wrote and asked interview-y questions of Rob Hines, another aspiring writer who’s far less confused than I am. Check out the interview at this link highlighted right here. According to the schedule, my interview (the one wherein I answer the questions) posts next week and you’ll find I’m my usual loquacious, candid and distracted self. I’ll let you know when that posts. So that’s big news for me… I like the idea of broadening my aspect ratio.

3) There is no third item.

4) I’m planning to write another book for NaNoWriMo next month, so prepare yourself for some randomness from me as I spout off everything I’m not allowed to put in my so-called book. What happened to the last one? Oh… nothing. That’s part of the problem. I hereby pledge to completely and utterly immerse myself in the upcoming project to ensure that I continue to totally ignore the first one. I want to get back to the first one. I do. It’s just that I’m … well, afraid. It has good bones, I just need to figure out what to do with it. But that’s not your problem. It’s mine.

5) I’m starting something on Thursdays too (watch it not happen this week): sort of a throw back post. Many of you who follow me on WordPress are new to my content and there are other posts I wrote when I was on Blogspot. I will re-post some of those writings if it makes sense. If nothing shows up on a Thursday you can count on one of the several scenarios: I’ve run off to Vegas to fulfill my life-long dream of being in a yet-to-be-formed band of vaudevillian unicyclists; I completely forgot about the plan to post old stuff; or, yeah… one of those two. I’d put my money on the latter if I were you.

Well, it’s time to go and distract myself with something else before I push out for yoga. The weather is a crisp 44˚ and partly sunny right now, so going on the water for a row … is just not … appealing for me, although I do want to snap some pics of the foliage from the river; it’s beautiful.

Thank you.

ps – oh yes! 3) I knew there was a third item! I posted my first guest blog … thing yesterday at Good Geek Ranting! Check it out at http://goodgeekranting.wordpress.com/2012/10/08/miss-molly-whats-in-a-name-and-the-new-drivers-license/ that title in and of itself is appealing. You know it…

Guest Blog: DeBie Hive’s Photographic Eye Turns to Fall

Guest Blog: DeBie Hive’s Photographic Eye Turns to Fall

Today’s post is by my friend, Kelly DeBie, goddess blogger over at DeBieHive. I “met” her in May and we became good writerly friends and then just good friends. She has four kids, loves to write and loves to shoot photos. She admits she’d been neglecting the latter and so I asked her to guest blog for me – as a photographer. She did and we, my friends, are the very lucky witnesses. Without further ado, here’s Kelly…

What Fall Means

When Molly first asked me to do a guest post for her, I was flattered.  When she asked me to make it a photographic post with the theme she selected, I was ecstatic.

Fall has always been my favorite time of year, for as long as I can remember.  I’ve always loved the changing colors, the smell of the air, the sound of the leaves rustling.  I can spend all day just marveling at the trees and sky this time of year.

Fall brings cups of hot tea and tiny marshmallows in cocoa.  Soups and stews and everything pumpkin.

Since becoming a mother, Fall has meant apple picking and tractor riding.  It’s meant countless hurried mornings as we rush to a soccer field somewhere.   It’s meant months and months of planning and scheming to assemble our elaborate family costumes.  We really are those people.

And we love every single second of it.

Fall means reflecting on the beauty that surrounds us. Stop and be still long enough to see it.

Fall means dynamic contrast.

Fall means constant change and perpetual motion.

Fall means reminders of love from those who’ve left us.

Fall means clutching coffee cups on the sidelines on cold mornings and cheering from under long shadows.

Fall means long sleeves tucked over tiny fingers.

Fall means foggy mornings on the farm.

Fall means an obligatory trip to the mountains. Or two.

Fall means blank canvases.

Fall means harvest.

Fall means turning your face toward the sun.

Fall means finally coming into bloom.

Fall means running, leaping, and catching air.

Fall means we can be anything we want.

Fall means toes in boots peaking out from jeans.

Fall means family photo shoots.

Fall means getting lost together and finding a way out. Together.

Fall means glorious sunsets.

Fall means spooky stories and moonlit nights.


Fall means Winter is coming.
Maybe even before you’re ready.

If you think Kelly’s impressive with a camera, you should read how she rocks the prose with a “pen.” Check out her writing at www.debiehive.blogspot.com.

Thank you.

Guest Blogger: Good Geek Ranting


Hi Friends! Today I have the privilege of introducing you to a new friend, “Good Geek Ranting” whose blog you can find at the end of this post.

I’m new to the whole guest post/blogger phenomenon and so I hope I’m doing The Geek justice. We met about a week ago online, became fast friends, had cybers’mores and sang songs by the cyberfire and here we are. Actually, I just commented on his blog, which I find to be very clever and he was so bemused by our interaction, wherein I asked him if he was on Twitter, that he wrote an entire post about it which you can find here:

The Geek Tweets Then Rants Again

So he joined Twitter.

I mentioned him in the epic post I wrote about the three awards I was given and he’s written a book (which he talks about later on).

Here is the post he wrote for me and I’m thrilled he did because honestly, we all need to learn about his shaving experiences and garner tips on how not to offend those who shave or change after we’ve grown accustomed to their appearance…

Without further ado,

The Geek Shaves

A few weeks ago I was headed to work. As I looked in the rear-view mirror and saw something that almost made me crash. No, it wasn’t Ronald McDonald dancing a two-step with Colonel Sanders, though I did see that a few weeks ago. No, it was white hairs in my goatee and mustache. Not just 1 or 2 that I could pull out but like 10 or 11 that seemed to be multiplying, avenging those I’d plucked out.

This, of course, could only mean one of two things.

1. I’m getting old.

Or the more likely scenario:

2. I’m a WIZARD!

As I pondered my obligation to help society with my magical abilities and tried to turn a frog into a plate of meat lovers’ pizza (unsuccessfully, for now), I started to wonder why nature felt the need to tell me I was getting as old as I feel.

Well, no matter. I actually don’t mind the idea of having a white goatee or head of hair so I wasn’t actually brought down by this. But for a different reason this last week, I shaved off my goatee and mustache. I do this from time to time and then eventually grow them back.

Upon my glancing visage, came gasps from those people whom had never seen me without my goatee. So, in honor of that, here are a few things you should avoid saying to someone that just went clean shaven (Or got their hair cut or such similar things.)

1. You look GREAT!   –  This says I didn’t look great before.

2. You look so much younger   –   Thanks, so when you said the white hairs were barely noticeable what you really meant was “Would you be Santa at our Christmas Party? We will save money on the beard.”

3. I barely recognized you   –  “The only distinguishing feature you had is now gone. Instead of referring to you as ‘The guy with the goat’ we will now say, ‘The fat guy with the big nose.”

4. Wow… You SHAVED?   –   I shaved every day, just not my entire face… thanks for recognizing the one day I go 100%.

I’m sure you’ve had things said to you after a drastic change that made you question the sincerity of the person who uttered it. Leave Miss Molly a comment and let’s get some more good ones going.

In the mean time, Thanks for letting me Guest Post with you today and if you like, stop by my blog at Goodgeekranting.wordpress.com or check out my book that is for sale exclusively at Amazon. Here is a link… unless Miss Molly failed to link to it in which case there WAS a link, but it is gone now. Head over to my blog and go from there… 😀 Have a great week and if I’m lucky I will be asked back.


Thanks, Geek!

Thank you readers!