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Three Things Thursday #1 – Wiper Blades, Hair Color & Love


Hi there, trying something new today.

Three short hits of the things I’ve found in the last week to be inspiring, good to know about or worthy of sharing. I got this idea from a loyal fan who liked it when I added some things to  Tuesday Morning Press #13 that I felt were worthy of mention. This is for you, AC. xo

1) I have new wiper blades for my car. My new ones are amazing. Sounds funny to talk about wiper blades this way, but they’re very very good and I got them at Target: Rain-X Latitude replacement blades. They were $17 apiece and it took all of two minutes to install them. Yesterday it rained cats, dogs, mice and cows and they performed beautifully. They wiped the cows off my windshield with nary a moo squeak. http://www.rainx.com/product/wiper-blades/rain-x-latitude/#.UQnruKX8JlY

2) My hair color. In a box. I can’t spare two hours much less $100 every four weeks, so I spare 45 minutes and $10 every four weeks instead. Garnier (I didn’t know it was a L’Oreal company until I played the logo game on my iPad — curse you, logo game!) Nutrisse permanent color. It goes on thick, it doesn’t drip, I didn’t smell like a chemical plant when I was finished and the color is very rich but not heavy. I don’t know why they picked horseface Sarah Jessica Parker to be their celebrity spokesbabe when the witty, wry and admirable Tina Fey was clearly a superior choice, but they’re a French company, so there’s that.  http://www.garnierusa.com/_en/_us/our_products/range-haircolor.aspx?tpcode=OUR_PRODUCTS^PRD_HAIRCOLOR^NUTRISSE^NUTRISSE_HOME

3) This video. I love the power of love and how it can transform. My sister-in-law sent it to me last night when I was trying to pick a third thing to share and all of a sudden, this popped in my email inbox. Enjoy. Grab a hankie. I guess I love serendipity too.

So after watching that, go on ya big lug, be awesome.

Thank you.

ps – didja see yesterday’s rant on antibacterial soaps? check it. next up: tomorrow… Fiction Friday. February’s posts will be about loooooove (or something relatedly like that). Get ready!