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Dinner: Beef Roast in the Crock Pot


I started this post at 11am today… I am now just getting around to publishing it. Mondays are really hard for me; the kids get out three hours earlier than usual on Mondays. It’s a drag. Everything I do has to be set on Fast Forward. The original title of this post was, “Dinner You Still Have Time to Make.” Best intentions…

But… at 11am, I put this in the crock pot:

1 beef round eye round roast (about 2#)

white onion, chopped

1 1# bag of baby carrots or 6 whole carrots, chopped

1 beer, a dark stock if possible

5 cloves garlic, minced

4 tbsp olive oil

6 bay leaves

1/2 tsp salt

1 14 oz can stewed tomatoes

1/4 cup water

Place pan on burner set on high, let pan warm up. Sear all sides of the beef in a flat pan with 2 tbsp olive oil and half of the garlic.

Add bay leaves, entire beer to pan, let boil for a couple minutes, add stewed tomatoes, salt, gently stir.

In the pan you just emptied, add the rest of the olive oil and garlic, chopped onions and carrots. Add water to mixture.  Cook for about five minutes or until onions become translucent.

Add this to crock pot and close it up.

If you have just two hours: set on high and walk away.

If you have more than two hours, set on low and let it cook all day if you want.

When you’re ready to eat, the “stew” will be watery so (this is totally optional), add 1/3 cup of flour to 1/3 cup of water to make a thick base to ADD to the crock pot to thicken the stew (do NOT add flour as it is; it must be mixed with the water first), if that’s how you want it.

Take out the meat first, let it sit for about 2 minutes and then cut it in “steaks.”

Serve with mashed potatoes or wide egg noodles and cover with gravy / sauce, add carrots to the plates.

It’s very tasty, the kids love it,  and I have NO clue about how caloric it is.

Here’s a pic of it in the crock pot just before I left for several hours:


I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you.


Easy Dinner Ideas.

Easy Dinner Ideas.

So I’m a SAHM.

I also have hobbies that take me out of the house: volunteering at school (not a hobby), rowing, running, yoga classes and I hope soon, classes to teach yoga classes. We are in and out of this house a lot. Last night The BreadWinner was coaching Thing 2 and his soccer team; Thing 1 had soccer on another field which required that I drive him. Note to self: get on a carpool list. Three games on Saturdays. The only free days that we don’t have soccer practices are Tuesday and Friday. Sunday we have CCD. Every day is booked with something.

So last night, I posted on Twitter what I made for dinner in a pinch. To my amazement, my children all loved it.

I aspire to be a holistic foodie; all home-grown, all organic, nothing from Monsanto or Kellogg’s but this is not realistic for me. My daytime hours are limited, I am doing the best I can within my personal patience and abilities, so if you’re looking for Perfect Food, I am about to WOEFULLY disappoint you.

Here’s last night’s recipe.

“Crisis-Averted Ravioli”

However many servings of Costco four-cheese ravioli for your brood

One package of ground turkey breast cooked and drained. Add garlic, add whatever veggies you wish to the meat after draining and cook for another 10 minutes.

One jar of Progresso Garden Fresh red sauce.

Dump all of that together (sauce on bottom, then ravs, then more sauce) in a crock pot set on high (for 2 hours) or low (for 4 hours).

Cover with shredded mozzarella, cover and walk away.



Another recipe:

“Keep Mom out of the Newspapers Chicken and Salsa Burritos”

Four (frozen) chicken breasts.

Whole wheat tortillas.

Shredded cheese (cheddar or Mexican blend).

Sour cream.

Designated (per person) servings of orzo pasta.

One pint of deli-fresh or home-made salsa (you really don’t want to use the glass jar stuff on this if you can help it).

Can of black beans, drained.

Can of  corn, drained.

Mix beans, salsa and corn together in a bowl, set aside.

Crock pot.

Defrost (frozen) chicken, drain.

Flash boil orzo for about 3 minutes, drain.

Use half the salsa mixture to line the crock pot.

Add flash-boiled orzo.

Cover with chicken breasts.

Cover chicken breasts with remaining salsa.

Cook on on high (for 2 hours) or low (for 4 hours).

Shred the chicken when all cooked, mix it all together.

Serve with tortillas, garnish with cheese and sour cream.



I made tuna casserole and my kids eat it. I sneak in a can of salmon in there too to help amp up the Omega 3s.

“Not a PianoTuna Casserole”

2 small cans of chunk white tuna

1 can of salmon

wide egg noodles

Frozen peas.

1 cup sour cream

1 can condensed cream of mushroom soup

1 tbsp old bay seasoning (THIS MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE!)

2 cups (+/-) shredded cheddar cheese

Flash boil egg noodles, set aside.

Combine tuna, salmon, sour cream, CoM soup and old bay with peas.

Add noodles. Stir again. I know, sorry.

Dump in crock pot on high (for 2 hours) or low (for 4 hours).

Cover with cheese.

Cover crock pot, walk away… You are free now…


If you’re like me, you feel guilty not having a salad on the side. I buy mixed field greens and some crumbled bleu cheese, avocado, balsamic vinaigrette (did you know there are two “i”s in vinaigrette?!), red onion, and tomatoes to make this:

This is the “salad of love.”

And my kids actually eat it if I use raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

That’s all for now. You all have been such nice followers and readers and commenters that I wanted to give something back. If you like these, let me know. I’ll try to post a few recipes every friday or something like that.

Thank you. Really.