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Another Poem, “Houses”


This stuff is sort of just pouring out of me.

Here’s another one… “Houses” (for lack of a better title). It started out as one thing and came out completely different than I thought it would. That’s the magic of writing.

do not move, my mother said. 
stay exactly where you are. 
i squeezed my butt and didn’t budge
but my mind went very far
i went to places in my head
where horses dance and speeders sped
where fishes prance and houses creak
under young and old, over brave and meek. 
the houses they know, the secrets kept
the flights of fancy, how people wept
they do not share, they don’t betray
they keep you in their hearts, you stay
forever theirs, it’s a memory place
where thoughts oft wander in open space
stay right there, my mother said
i did not move; i bowed my head.


(c) 2013 Molly Field