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Ode to Peony



Big bright peony hanging lowly
You began as a bud and revealed yourself slowly

Smelling sweetly beneath the afternoon sun,
Calling bumble bees, their pollen spun
Upon their legs, in their little sacs
They work fiercely, tiny wings on their backs

I wait each year for your blossom to bloom
I pick one flower and place it in my room
In a vase by my bed, where your perfume lingers
As an elixir for the soul, its scent like singers
Whispering, “Sleep well, my friend, good soul to the earth; tonight you shall dream, tomorrow you’ll mirth.”

Inverse Sunsets


Sunsets are usually considered the day’s yawn; power on its way out; a signal that the day is ending and it’s time for all God’s creatures to rest in their collective glowing embers.

This autumn’s sunsets have been particularly fantastic. My kids and I can’t remember a time in recent years when they’ve been more spectacular.

I’m always in awe of the sun’s ability at sunsets to beam through space and find a hole in a patch of leaves to brighten something eight minutes away in my backyard.

Here, the trees don’t look like they’re ready to settle in for the night; they look like they’re just getting started.


I’ve been preparing the house for my incoming family for Thanksgiving which has required me to be holed up inside all day.

My oldest son, who is 15, came down to the basement to fetch me, “Mom, I wanted to call you up to see the sunset. It’s like the trees are on fire.” He knows me so well. They all do, but he seems to have a sense of my abiding love for nature.

Eventide: my favorite time of day. When the faeries come out and magical things happen.

Thank you.