The Big Picture


Indulge yourself. Look up from your small screens to see the big picture.



Life is happening and has happened all around you.


Some people say they’re weeds. I say they’re right on time.


If they are weeds, we all are weeds, for all of us have a purpose and a reason to be here.


I took just a few pics snapped from the walk to school last week, now that spring is in full effect.

Jump offline to jump outside.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Thank you.

About Grass Oil by Molly Field

follow me on twitter @mollyfieldtweet. i'm working on a memoir and i've written two books thus unpublished because i'm a scaredy cat. i hail from a Eugene O'Neill play and an Augusten Burroughs novel but i'm a married, sober straight mom. i write about parenting, mindfulness, irony, personal growth and other mysteries vividly with a bit of humor. "Grass Oil" comes from my son's description of dinner i made one night. the content of the blog is random, simple, funny and clever. stop by, it would be nice to get to know you. :)

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  1. You are a hell of a good photographer. Or somebody is. Yep, most of us spend 99 percent of our time locked up in our internal conversations, images, feelings and miss out on the eternal now. It’s out there. Thanks for reminding me of this.

  2. Celebrate the weeds! I’m happy to say that we actually have buttercups that are growing in our flower beds this year, and thereby have made the transition to perennial, assuming their place next to our daisies.

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