Veteran’s Day – My Great Uncle Bud McGowan


A year has passed and I can not wrap my head around all that has occurred. I thank God for this blog and my email account and my cell phone photos because they catalog and chronicle my life for me.

One thing remains the same though, in all of this: the treasure that life is and the gift of our freedom thanks to the many men and women who make the ultimate sacrifice.

My mother is now with her uncle Bud. My mind is blown just on that fact alone and I struggle to keep my emotions together at times when I catch a wisp of my reality.

It is my pleasure and privilege to bow my head, place my hand on my heart in gratitude to the hundreds of thousands of U.S. military personnel future, past and present on this Veteran’s Day, 2013.

Without further ado, indulge me on this “reblog” of my post last year.

Grass Oil by Molly Field

So I have always felt out of place on Veteran’s Day around here, where I live. In fifteen minutes by car I could be at the Pentagon. The other direction, I could be at Fort Belvoir, an army proving ground. Another thirty-five minutes from Belvoir and I would be at US Marine Base Quantico. In scant over an hour, I could be on the doorstep at the United States Naval Academy.

We are a civilian family, surrounded and befriended by senior officers, both active duty and retired in all the branches of the United States armed services. These people are some of the nicest and most dedicated people you’d ever want to meet. Their sworn oath to protect and defend has no bias or prejudice. Many have seen “action” in Iraq, Afghanistan, in Bosnia, in Viet Nam, in Korea, in the Pacific, and have proudly protected our ports and shores…

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About Grass Oil by Molly Field

follow me on twitter @mollyfieldtweet. i'm working on a memoir and i've written two books thus unpublished because i'm a scaredy cat. i hail from a Eugene O'Neill play and an Augusten Burroughs novel but i'm a married, sober straight mom. i write about parenting, mindfulness, irony, personal growth and other mysteries vividly with a bit of humor. "Grass Oil" comes from my son's description of dinner i made one night. the content of the blog is random, simple, funny and clever. stop by, it would be nice to get to know you. :)

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