What might be a weed to my neighbors is a gift to me.

I have these lovely little hearty violets dotting my lawn. They never die, they come back every spring.

They remind me that what might be a nuisance to others is an opportunity to me.

Life is like that sometimes always.

Things are seldom what they seem.

Slow down, think again, see the flower instead of a weed. See the standout from the crowd.

In all the millions of blades of verdant, straight and narrow grass, this little guy, despite all the odds against him (or her), comes out and says, “Here I am! Work around me! If you pluck me and kill me, that’s about you, not me.”

Thank you

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  1. I have always said if I were a flower I’d be a wildflower.. they ca withstand a lot and will always return with a purpose. I had wildflowers at my wedding , I can relate to these others may call a weed.
    Nice post 😉

  2. I’d probably be a Joshua Tree. In California, they survive in some pretty harsh conditions. For a look at them, go to and see the opening scenes of the movie “The Right Stuff”. 😀

    • i LOVE THAT MOVIE!! (sorry, caps lock) – oh! that movie is so great. there isn’t one bad scene in it. i love it when LBJ loses his composure in the back of the limo… and after Grissom’s failure, his wife…. “no…. no … JACKIE???” great stuff.

      • Really, I can’t remember much of that time as I was pretty young but do remember the depression about the Russians launching Sputnik and later John Glenn’s epic flight. The movie is really worth seeing again and fortunately it’s currently on Listen to the score if you ever get depressed. It’s magnificent!

      • i own the film on DVD; i saw it at CVS for $4.99 and i almost fell over. i bought it. and the score… yes, fantastic. Copeland…. what a genius. i should download the entire soundtrack on itunes. there was a great collection of film music — “Varese Saraband” ? and it’s got music from Contact and Castaway… great stuff. that’s wonderful music to write to as well (well, depending on what i’m going for). Tomorrow, I have to decide to continue with the greeting card people (grief is the prompt, so I think: yeah) or start a new story. thanks for all your comments!

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