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What might be a weed to my neighbors is a gift to me.

I have these lovely little hearty violets dotting my lawn. They never die, they come back every spring.

They remind me that what might be a nuisance to others is an opportunity to me.

Life is like that sometimes always.

Things are seldom what they seem.

Slow down, think again, see the flower instead of a weed. See the standout from the crowd.

In all the millions of blades of verdant, straight and narrow grass, this little guy, despite all the odds against him (or her), comes out and says, “Here I am! Work around me! If you pluck me and kill me, that’s about you, not me.”

Thank you

Lessons To Be Learned From A Recent WP Attack


head’s up word pressers – recent WP attack.

A Mixed Bag

There was a recent aggressive attack WordPress users. It was people launching aggressive botnets to try to hack accounts. You can learn how to avoid this by taking a look at this article here.


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