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    • Hi Ginger – thanks for swinging by!

      it’s a metaphor. It’s not a lemon-op or a lemondrop but it can be bitter.

      LMNOP is what I’m regarding as the in-betweens the resolve and the action; the drama and chaos that people sometimes can’t help themselves from engaging in or creating. It’s too much for me and because I am such a moth to the LMNOP flame, it can be a real drain. Does that make sense?

      It’s just that when things (A) need to get done (Z), sometimes the middle places, the LMNOP doesn’t need to be shared. Sometimes it’s essential, sometimes there’s a hold up or an issue. For me, it’s too dramatic at times: “spare me the details, for now, just tell me what I need to know.”

      In the final analysis: I’m weird. 🙂

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