Three Things Thursday #1 – Wiper Blades, Hair Color & Love


Hi there, trying something new today.

Three short hits of the things I’ve found in the last week to be inspiring, good to know about or worthy of sharing. I got this idea from a loyal fan who liked it when I added some things to  Tuesday Morning Press #13 that I felt were worthy of mention. This is for you, AC. xo

1) I have new wiper blades for my car. My new ones are amazing. Sounds funny to talk about wiper blades this way, but they’re very very good and I got them at Target: Rain-X Latitude replacement blades. They were $17 apiece and it took all of two minutes to install them. Yesterday it rained cats, dogs, mice and cows and they performed beautifully. They wiped the cows off my windshield with nary a moo squeak.

2) My hair color. In a box. I can’t spare two hours much less $100 every four weeks, so I spare 45 minutes and $10 every four weeks instead. Garnier (I didn’t know it was a L’Oreal company until I played the logo game on my iPad — curse you, logo game!) Nutrisse permanent color. It goes on thick, it doesn’t drip, I didn’t smell like a chemical plant when I was finished and the color is very rich but not heavy. I don’t know why they picked horseface Sarah Jessica Parker to be their celebrity spokesbabe when the witty, wry and admirable Tina Fey was clearly a superior choice, but they’re a French company, so there’s that.^PRD_HAIRCOLOR^NUTRISSE^NUTRISSE_HOME

3) This video. I love the power of love and how it can transform. My sister-in-law sent it to me last night when I was trying to pick a third thing to share and all of a sudden, this popped in my email inbox. Enjoy. Grab a hankie. I guess I love serendipity too.

So after watching that, go on ya big lug, be awesome.

Thank you.

ps – didja see yesterday’s rant on antibacterial soaps? check it. next up: tomorrow… Fiction Friday. February’s posts will be about loooooove (or something relatedly like that). Get ready!

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  1. While Tina Fey is gorgeous and bright, her attire is all hail Ms. Parker. To the point it makes me cringe for her every time I see the bulimic ballerina vomited a tutu twice get-up.
    That aside, L’Oreal has a great program for honoring exceptional women. Check out their Women of Worth.

    I wonder if you could help me? Something happened to my head recently. I noticed it when I tried on a sweater in dressing room, a place that has a lighted mirror unlike my home… I have these stripes of white stuck to the sides of my face. I read your blog eagerly because I’m thinking about hair, today. So much so, I stood in a store and searched labels, wishing I had the confidence to choose until I finally gave up. I’ve never done this. Sure, as a young artist, I took food dye to my locks in various colors and patterns, but that’s different. Maybe you can tell me in your blog sometime, how did you take the leap? I can’t seem to get myself to try it. I can live with and defend nature, even if the Gods gave me the wrong color hair for my skin tone, to begin with. What if I screw it up? I might just wear a bun under a scarf forever. What does your more color experienced mind think to that?
    Thanks. 😡

      • i love the clothes on carrie. put a bag on her face. oh dear, who said that?

        anyway, i also adore Ms. Fey and yes, she is a terrible dresser, but then so am I. right now I am wearing a crossover top and yoga pants with striped socks and my hair is in a messy bun because i’m getting it cut next week. (did that make you laugh?)

        anyway: coloring… i started to go gray in my 20s. i’m slavic. no, i’m irish, that’s right. i am about 75% gray now and i’ve been a slave (slavic) to this routine for about 7 years. before my youngest was born, i decided to stop coloring because you never know, and i was knocked up and he was innocent and i didn’t want to harm him in there and i was 36 so yeah. anyway, you won’t screw it up. this garnier stuff is gentle and it works beautifully. you can pay someone to use the same stuff, basically, or you can do it yourself. just take out any rugs or robes you might care about before you do it in case of drips. there are “foams” or “mousses” for hair color out there and they’re OK, but they’re not great. they DO get to spots you might miss because of the foam, but meh. they’re NOT better than the stuff I used yesterday. I’ve used a lot. I’ve done roots only, I’ve done salon, I’ve done salon at home, I’ve done foam, foam roots… and the regular stuff. all brands. Garnier is the best.

        there will be a time, probably in 5 years, when i will hack it all off like Jamie Lee Curtis (because I look good with short hair) and i will stop coloring it altogether. i am waiting for more gray and for my brows to start fading. i’m not going to look like the undead and keep coloring my hair. i’m also not going to go blonde when that happens. i will go natural all the way.

        i hope this helped. xo

  2. Molly, Molly, Molly……… you have gone an done it…………………you did warn us……..I cried a river!!! Thanks for the tips, I will tell my husband about the windshield wiper blades………….I know he uses the rain-x so I am sure he will be interested in these…..Thanks for the tip on the hair coloring, if I ever decide to go dark I may consider it… would have laughed……I tried coloring my hair 2 years ago, thinking it could not be that difficult to do it myself…..however, permanent/bleaching color is an entirely different animal……….my guys had the biggest laugh; I looked like a clown! Off to Vida I went………she and the girls in the salon had a nice chuckle as well……..never again for me. 🙂

    Thank you Molly……… made me feel special today…….I needed that!



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