At this Moment: What Is Thrilling Me


I am thrilled today.

What I’m thrilled about is the fantastic things that happen when people are nice to each other, good, kind and sincerely thankful for their engagement.

Today is the third Fiction Friday. I wrote about Garret today, again, and the boy’s causing some problems. Or has he? The thing that I’m most gratified by in this fiction experience is that we’ve got a bunch of really fantastic writers who’ve all treated these prompts (that I don’t even know about until I roll the dice) with zeal.

I started this fiction thing on a whim bolstered by a comment left by ClearlyKristal. I had written a little fiction because I was bored with everything else. Blogging can be hard; some people do it every day and to them I tip my hat. Sure, I think about stuff to write every day, but I talk myself out of it. I barely have time to read other peoples’ blogs daily let alone write something.  (You can thank me later.)

The gals in this fiction group — they are the real deal. Most of us know each other through the Yesvember post I wrote in November about 100 words that define gratitude. I asked them again in December if they were game to do this for January and to my astonishment, they said yes!

These writers are from all walks of life. Married, divorced, unmarried, single moms, working moms, no kids, former hippie children, people with chronic pain, stay-at-homers, people with troubles and cares in their real worlds. They dedicate the time to put forth some seriously entertaining stuff: From cheating husbands to drunk drivers; from scandalized artists and writers to misguided tree huggers; from doctors who swore to “do no harm” to haphazard serial killers; from teenagers on a tear to wives who are acting out to lovers reunited amid a triangle, we have it all going on in our little fiction family.

I couldn’t be more proud of these women. I don’t personally know any of them, save for one, and yet we’ve all made fast friends: escaping the occasional mundanity of our off-the-grid lives to write about people we create, people we breathe life into and people whose stories are enticing their readers with a slow, come-hither smile while gently whispering, “Escape from your moments for a moment. This is good. Read this; you’ll enjoy it.”

I don’t know how long we will all keep at it. I have heard a couple are surprised by how much they are loving the experience and I’ve heard a couple are looking to get back to their regular shticks. Everyone can stay or go; even come back if they choose for she is part of the original team – the original 10 fearless friday fiction femme fatales.

We have created a writerly sisterhood; one of respect, honor, humor, support, and encouragement. I couldn’t be more thrilled about anything else at this very moment.

Thank you.

Here are the writers:

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  1. I want to 2nd, 3rd, 4th…and so on of everyone’s sentiments….because it is YOU we must thank. You opened and created this place were dreams and realities collide into rainbows of skittles…sumthing like that!

    • My kids love skittles. Thank you for taking the risk as well. You never know what you get with these group things; I like to make sure everyone is on their own thing, has their choice to continue or bail. The last thing that’s good for creativity is obligation.

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