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Tuesday Morning Press #12 — Big Step: I Contacted a Publisher


Well, I really did this time.

I was all DayQuil’d up over the weekend and contacted a publisher. Balboa Press, an enhanced self-publishing (my words) division of Hay House publishing. A firm, I believe who will be perfect for my book.

I’m still of the mindset, like that of a prospective employee, that the publisher must fit my work and be glad to have it, rather than it be I whom is lucky to have the publisher. Check out all that fancy grammar and what not…

I believe we need to treat our Work this way… Not just anyone will do. I gave the contact my blog address and it’s quite possible she’s reading my content already or has decided that it’s not worth her time. The latter: inconceivable.

So, I’m in it … sort of … now.

I have a lot of editing to do. Then I will take a few weeks off from the editing and then I will hack at the book on my computer. And then I will beg a good friend of mine to consider reading it and editing it. I don’t know what happens when, but I do know this is how things happen: when we make them happen.

As I said to the contact today, what I’ve created is good. It’s got good bones, and some wonderful muscle as well. Some of the fat must be trimmed, but the essence of the story: its message and its intent and its actual form is good.

I now have to become what I loathe most: confident, a lá “you’re lucky to have me.” But this is how it goes: we must behave as if. We must think as if. Not “what it” but “as if”: as if it has already happened. As if I am already negotiating. As if the book is excellent. Because: it is.

So… step  one: getting out of my own way is done. Now I have to stay out of my own way.

Any advice from those who’ve done this already and who read this blog would be most appreciated. Any words of encouragement would be … encouraged.

I am pretty psyched. Look Ma! No DayQuil!

As I said to my contact:

At the risk of sounding woo-woo, this adventure I’m beginning feels just right. I’m not yet overwhelmed with fear nor am I feeling insanely confident. I feel like the baby bear in Goldilocks. I feel like it’s time.

Thank you.