Throwback Thursday. This is my 2nd post ever. When I didn’t care about punctuation. 🙂

Grass Oil by Molly Field

sometimes, in those rare moments when i get a chance to actually SURVEY MY DOMINION, i.e., when i’m not vacuuming myriad lego pieces or fishing unidentifiable masses from the dispos-all, i’m amazed by how much has actually happened in my life.

i’m, like, not a kid anymore.

well, where the hell was i when that  went down?!

i was signing PTA checks tonight. and i thought, i should probably initial by the memo line to show (myself) that i’m paying attention… that i’m not actually doing this on someone else’s behalf. that i’m the main one: the prez.

and so it reminded me of that feeling i had when i first said yes almost 17 years ago to my wonderful not-yet husband when he asked me to marry him. i was looking around… “now what? where are the grown-ups who are coming to tell me this is really an OK…

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