Maybe Random Isn’t So Random



This was taken on Black Friday. The sun beams cast down on the old  WTC site. The new towers are to the left, much taller than the other buildings. That little island to the right with the Statue of Liberty sticking out of it is Ellis Island.

And what about this, just now I saw this on our walk to school:


Are those leaves facing west or are they facing east? Their stems are all at the same place; there is no tip to tip or stem to stem; it’s all stem to tip… like a little march or dance.

The more I think life is random, the more I find it’s not.

I don’t always take my phone with me on the walk to school, I like to spend time with the children. But I grabbed it today for some reason, I don’t know why and when we were on the walk, I saw those leaves. The rest of the path was clear. Maybe it was the way they fell in the swirl of the wind? So when I went to my gallery to look for the photo of the leaves to post on this blog, I saw the other photo I took of the World Trade Center site with the sunbeams shining down on the memorial area.

And so here we are.  My second mobile post.

Enjoy your day, we don’t know what’s in store. Nature is in charge. Isn’t that great?

Thank you.

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  1. Some people will say we are seeing what we are looking for. Some will say we are creating meaning where there isn’t any. As for me, I believe in signs and synchronicity. This is very interesting to think about.

    • I’m with you: signs and synchronicity. I believe that math and science are fantastic and often correct; but I also believe that something greater makes us think of math and science. I think for me, the thing is, as shown by how the post revealed itself to me, is for me to listen to my gut… grab the phone, tie my shoe… do something different.

  2. You are SO much more HIGH TEC than I am. I love Maple leaves no matter which way they face! I think I am going to gather acorns from the park near here. they say not to but I LOVE those trees… I should be jailed… NOT to be trusted round a park with seeds around. I wonder what the warrant would say.

    • ha! it would say: “tall humanoid squirrel absconding with tiny oaks.” i think you should go for it. i have a ton of acorns in my yard… i can send them to you if you want! 🙂

      i love leaves. i didn’t know this until i watched “phenomenon” (i think it was that movie) but before a storm comes, the backs of sugar maple leaves turn to get the water so they can make the syrup… isn’t that AMAZING? i dig nature. really. i bet in a former life i was a squirrel.

      • Who knew you were educational programming!!!? I didn’t know that about the leaves that is the COOLEST thing I have heard today! I hope my leaves are always upside down I want lots of syrup. I wish I could accept the acorns but I live in an apartment and so eventually I would have to give them a way. I am a bit of an aspiring gardner I have 2 Avocado Trees 4 Lemon Trees and like 6 Key Lime Trees. All are still saplings but I am starting to look like one of those creepy plant people! Ok not starting I am one! I just really love gardening…..:) Don’t judge me lol!!!

      • If there’s one thing I don’t do anymore: it’s judge. Have all those plants! All that oxygen they’re cranking out for you is great! Do the lime trees smell like citrus? If you’re growing avocado trees from the pits, they don’t grow the fruit…

      • Well Yes the all smell wonderful. I hear there is a way you can get them to fruit but I can’t remember it so I will have to fly them to other avocado trees to get a sex education course. I find some plant people to be a little strange….. a bit shifty…. like my self I suppose! Every time one of the Maintenance men come to fix something they are all aghast at my trees. I went to get grow lights last winter and I think the people thought I was growing pot in my house LOL It’s been an adventure! I don’t know if you know this but I want to grow a forest. . . Like a real one. I have dreams and next action…..

      • i DID read that post about your forest. I loved it. you know, i read another post by someone who also wants to grow a forest. i don’t think i’m confusing you with her either. I love forests. I think a lot of people miss the metaphors of forest fires though… they are awful, yes, but they are also tremendous opportunities for regrowth of indigent ecology. Jasmine, life is so good for you; your energy is so real, palpable. I love it.

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