Veteran’s Day. I could not possibly improve on this.

Breathing Space

Under the big lights Shadows stretching long The ramp is lowered gently to the tarmac And all of us, we wait In this sea of gravity For the precious cargo to appear

Here come the dead boys Moving slowly past The pipes and prayers and strained commanding voices And the tears in our hearts Make an ocean we’re all in All in this together don’t you know

You can die on your sofa Safe inside your home Or die in a mess of flame and shrapnel We all in our time go You know you’re not alone You’re in the hearts of everybody here

Each one lost Is everyone’s loss you see Each one lost is a vital part of you and me

Some would have us bow In bondage to their dreams Of little gods who lay down laws to live by But all these inventions Arise from fear…

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About Grass Oil by Molly Field

follow me on twitter @mollyfieldtweet. i'm working on a memoir and i've written two books thus unpublished because i'm a scaredy cat. i hail from a Eugene O'Neill play and an Augusten Burroughs novel but i'm a married, sober straight mom. i write about parenting, mindfulness, irony, personal growth and other mysteries vividly with a bit of humor. "Grass Oil" comes from my son's description of dinner i made one night. the content of the blog is random, simple, funny and clever. stop by, it would be nice to get to know you. :)

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