Guest Blog: DeBie Hive’s Photographic Eye Turns to Fall

Guest Blog: DeBie Hive’s Photographic Eye Turns to Fall

Today’s post is by my friend, Kelly DeBie, goddess blogger over at DeBieHive. I “met” her in May and we became good writerly friends and then just good friends. She has four kids, loves to write and loves to shoot photos. She admits she’d been neglecting the latter and so I asked her to guest blog for me – as a photographer. She did and we, my friends, are the very lucky witnesses. Without further ado, here’s Kelly…

What Fall Means

When Molly first asked me to do a guest post for her, I was flattered.  When she asked me to make it a photographic post with the theme she selected, I was ecstatic.

Fall has always been my favorite time of year, for as long as I can remember.  I’ve always loved the changing colors, the smell of the air, the sound of the leaves rustling.  I can spend all day just marveling at the trees and sky this time of year.

Fall brings cups of hot tea and tiny marshmallows in cocoa.  Soups and stews and everything pumpkin.

Since becoming a mother, Fall has meant apple picking and tractor riding.  It’s meant countless hurried mornings as we rush to a soccer field somewhere.   It’s meant months and months of planning and scheming to assemble our elaborate family costumes.  We really are those people.

And we love every single second of it.

Fall means reflecting on the beauty that surrounds us. Stop and be still long enough to see it.

Fall means dynamic contrast.

Fall means constant change and perpetual motion.

Fall means reminders of love from those who’ve left us.

Fall means clutching coffee cups on the sidelines on cold mornings and cheering from under long shadows.

Fall means long sleeves tucked over tiny fingers.

Fall means foggy mornings on the farm.

Fall means an obligatory trip to the mountains. Or two.

Fall means blank canvases.

Fall means harvest.

Fall means turning your face toward the sun.

Fall means finally coming into bloom.

Fall means running, leaping, and catching air.

Fall means we can be anything we want.

Fall means toes in boots peaking out from jeans.

Fall means family photo shoots.

Fall means getting lost together and finding a way out. Together.

Fall means glorious sunsets.

Fall means spooky stories and moonlit nights.


Fall means Winter is coming.
Maybe even before you’re ready.

If you think Kelly’s impressive with a camera, you should read how she rocks the prose with a “pen.” Check out her writing at

Thank you.

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  1. My favorite season and you’ve captured it beautifully. As a child of the south I longed for those cool mornings and blowing colorful leaves. Now that I am a northerner Autumn is everything I wanted it to be (though I could use a little less snow from time to time but that’s a whole other season). Great post, Kelly.

  2. These pictures made me so homesick. We don’t get fall here in New Mexico like other places do. There aren’t many trees with leaves that change color. I miss going to the pumpkin patch and cron mazes. Ms. DeBie is an excellent photogrpaher. I have to ask is there anything that woman cannot do???

  3. Gorgeous photos, Kelly – your words combine to make this a rich autumn meditation. I can’t help but love fall, especially October (my birthday month!), for a good many of the reasons you list here. Thank you!!

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