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Feady for Fautumn – Fingera’s Fall Foto Fhoot


today we have a special guest who will reveal the inner workings of my mind due to the glorious fall weather we’ve been having (and also due to the fact that i’m avoiding editing my book like the plague).

this morning – i saw my breath on the walk to school!

yes, i’m in a very good mood. i spent only 8 minutes at DMV, from start to finish today to update my driver’s license and i’m not even mad from having learned that i could have avoided going there in the first place… i could have done everything online.

but today is the last day of summer and the first day of fall is just hours away…. to prepare us all for the latest fall fashions, a top secret and very high-priced supermodel, “Fingera” is here to share a few moments of her foto, er, photo shoot.

“Fingera feaks fonly fith Fs. Fif fere fis fa ph-found, fit’s fan ‘f’ fand fat’s fhow fit’s felled,” she said.

she’s pretty demanding, but she’s so talented … she has that special je ne sais quoi that keeps us coming back (at least that’s what the French say; and they’d be saying it all in German if it weren’t for us liberating them in Vietnam).

(and yes, so far, this is the strangest thing i’ve ever posted … fall makes me happy crazy… so get used to it.) it’s highly likely that only a few of my close friends and definitely my cousins will ‘get’ (read: not run away looking over their shoulders) this post. for the rest of you, i’ll be back to normal eventually.

this is Fingera just before we head out to the “park” for the shoot. she’s all ready to go in the finest silk taffeta wrap and authentic acorn beret. “Fhy, fi fust fove facorn ferets,” she cooed.

Isn’t she captivating? “FAPTIVATING!” she screamed.

the natural dappled sunlight was perfect for our shoot; we couldn’t have had better weather.

in a rare candid moment, Fingera allowed our photographers to capture this moment of her deep in thought as she considered the health of our planet amid a fantastic hydrangea.

“Fantastic fis fight!” she proclaimed. “Fhat’s fhe fate fof fhe forld? Fuch funderful flowers… >figh<…”

soon it was back to business. Fingera’s finger was on the clock and the clock means money; Fingera knows that the money shots are the ones of her in close up. so we did our best to show the weave of her wrap .

“Fou fastards! Fou fhowed fy frinkles!! Fi fant fhem fotoshopped fout!” she demanded.

our shoot manager said it was time for a break. we told Fingera that she would be fine if she wanted to take a moment in the garden to collect herself…

she didn’t know we were shooting; when we showed her this one, she was thrilled! “Foh fy Fod! Fit’s fike Fannie Fiebowitz fook fhis fhot!” we couldn’t have been prouder.

the flower definitely calmed her down and in a rare moment of repose, she asked told us to keep shooting. she wanted to talk to the dog at the “park,” a lone golden retriever named Murphy, who didn’t know what on earth to do with Fingera in his face.

“Fit ftill! Fi fant feveryone fo fnow fof fy fove for fanimals,” she said.

“that’s a wrap!” we said, exhausted from Fingera and hungry for some chips; Murphy got up immediately knocking her beret off her head and sending it off the deck at the “park.”

fhank fou. photo credits: Thing 3.