Guest Blogger: Good Geek Ranting


Hi Friends! Today I have the privilege of introducing you to a new friend, “Good Geek Ranting” whose blog you can find at the end of this post.

I’m new to the whole guest post/blogger phenomenon and so I hope I’m doing The Geek justice. We met about a week ago online, became fast friends, had cybers’mores and sang songs by the cyberfire and here we are. Actually, I just commented on his blog, which I find to be very clever and he was so bemused by our interaction, wherein I asked him if he was on Twitter, that he wrote an entire post about it which you can find here:

The Geek Tweets Then Rants Again

So he joined Twitter.

I mentioned him in the epic post I wrote about the three awards I was given and he’s written a book (which he talks about later on).

Here is the post he wrote for me and I’m thrilled he did because honestly, we all need to learn about his shaving experiences and garner tips on how not to offend those who shave or change after we’ve grown accustomed to their appearance…

Without further ado,

The Geek Shaves

A few weeks ago I was headed to work. As I looked in the rear-view mirror and saw something that almost made me crash. No, it wasn’t Ronald McDonald dancing a two-step with Colonel Sanders, though I did see that a few weeks ago. No, it was white hairs in my goatee and mustache. Not just 1 or 2 that I could pull out but like 10 or 11 that seemed to be multiplying, avenging those I’d plucked out.

This, of course, could only mean one of two things.

1. I’m getting old.

Or the more likely scenario:

2. I’m a WIZARD!

As I pondered my obligation to help society with my magical abilities and tried to turn a frog into a plate of meat lovers’ pizza (unsuccessfully, for now), I started to wonder why nature felt the need to tell me I was getting as old as I feel.

Well, no matter. I actually don’t mind the idea of having a white goatee or head of hair so I wasn’t actually brought down by this. But for a different reason this last week, I shaved off my goatee and mustache. I do this from time to time and then eventually grow them back.

Upon my glancing visage, came gasps from those people whom had never seen me without my goatee. So, in honor of that, here are a few things you should avoid saying to someone that just went clean shaven (Or got their hair cut or such similar things.)

1. You look GREAT!   –  This says I didn’t look great before.

2. You look so much younger   –   Thanks, so when you said the white hairs were barely noticeable what you really meant was “Would you be Santa at our Christmas Party? We will save money on the beard.”

3. I barely recognized you   –  “The only distinguishing feature you had is now gone. Instead of referring to you as ‘The guy with the goat’ we will now say, ‘The fat guy with the big nose.”

4. Wow… You SHAVED?   –   I shaved every day, just not my entire face… thanks for recognizing the one day I go 100%.

I’m sure you’ve had things said to you after a drastic change that made you question the sincerity of the person who uttered it. Leave Miss Molly a comment and let’s get some more good ones going.

In the mean time, Thanks for letting me Guest Post with you today and if you like, stop by my blog at or check out my book that is for sale exclusively at Amazon. Here is a link… unless Miss Molly failed to link to it in which case there WAS a link, but it is gone now. Head over to my blog and go from there… 😀 Have a great week and if I’m lucky I will be asked back.


Thanks, Geek!

Thank you readers!

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  1. Where did you find that picture of me? I thought I’d gotten rid of all those. Love it. Thanks again and I hope I did your vunderbar blog justice. (da, I know a little German…. His name is Gunter and he’s 3 feet tall.)

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