<140 Characters — Superfast: What I Already Like About Twitter


For any of you on the fence about about getting a Twitter account, I can heartily say this: jump off and do it.

In this age of “media is the message” and the fact that any aspiring writer / artist / creative type is going to need to do their own self promoting, I can attest to the ease and facility of Twitter.

let yourself get off the fence – about everything. life is much easier when we let decide. because then: we can act.

I honestly don’t know what my problem was.

Here’s what I like about it:

Speed: it’s amazingly fast and it links to everything — if you have a Facebook fan page, it will go there.

Ease: it takes about three minutes at the most to set up.

Quick: the 140-characters-or-less edict was first an insult to my vast intellect and wittiness. Now I find I’m all about it.  My new philosophy in life: “You’ve got <140.”

Quick #2: you’re on, you’re off. There’s no dickering around online… it’s an app. Of course you can overdo it, but it’s not likely.

Silence: There are no stats to check or “likes” to hope for. It’s great for the ego because it all just goes >foosh!< away. It’s very liberating.  (And if there is a way to find out if someone likes what you post — DO NOT TELL ME.)

My cousin and I were tweeting this morning about how it reminds us of Facebook’s “early” (for those of us not at Harvard when Zuck first rolled it out – I graduated way earlier than he did … and not from Harvard) days of simplicity, speed and elegance. I’m embarrassed to say (well, not really, but sometimes I am) that I’ve been on Facebook since 2008 and I do miss the cleaner interface. (Remember those buttons?  I can’t remember the Facebook term…  we could share with friends or put on our virtual cork boards of what we liked?)

I also have a Facebook fan page and lately my outreach stats have been zzzzzngnng.  It’s summer so I know that’s a factor.  They hovering around the 1,300 people reached mark on my best days.  I opened a Twitter account and linked it up to my fan page and WOOOOAH… it’s up to 8,300+ people reached. (I’m no boob: that’s less than 1/1000th of the people on Facebook, so I get that.)

Look, I’m working pretty hard (with success) on not giving a crap about these popularity numbers anyway because who knows how many fans of GM were 13 year olds (or younger) who loved Camaros and Corvettes…? What about the 11,000+ fans of the clay head from Lionel Richie’s head from the Hello video?? I am simply not going to sweat those numbers anymore. Numbers don’t matter, substance does.  I have always believed this, but I was swept into a weird and needy corner into believing it mattered and so, I’m … done.  For a great post on this “like” situation: http://douglaskleeman.wordpress.com/2012/06/29/the-limitations-of-like/

But I am a realist: when I market the book I’ve written and all the rest, publicity will matter and that’s the hard truth: publishers won’t sell a book that doesn’t have a market, so I might wanna get cracking and sorta get over being shy about it.

I believe now that my book does have a market and as one awesome commenter wrote on my “Fear: Eff It” post, the wonderful Toni Morrison said (paraphrasing) that she wrote her book because she hadn’t read it yet.

As always in life: our futures and our success and failures lie in our own hands.  I am looking back now at my previous hand-wringing experience as “so last year” already. It’s nice to have that perspective.

Ok, that was slightly more than 140 characters.  You can follow me on Twitter @mollyfieldtweet …

Thank you.

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  1. Wow, I’m amazed at the reach you have achieved. I must look into Tweeting immediately. In fact, I’m doing that right now. Thanks again! 🙂

    • Girl… I’m no phenom, but I’m gonna plug your page on my Grass Oil page and ask of my sistahs who have larger followings to do the same. If you wish… I’m all about slow, authentic growth (hence my points about 13-y-o Corvette fans and the Lionel Richie head), so let me know. 🙂

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