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enjoy this previous post. hang on to you carts.

Grass Oil by Molly Field

we’ve all been there. trying to act smug and steer it anyway. ikea has the worst ones.

so today, i went to Costco. we’re out of mayonnaise and toilet paper. don’t ask. (i happen to be listening to Pandora’s 80s mix right now and New Order’s “Leave Me Alone” just came on. New Order… does it get any better than them? i mean really. ….)

ok. back to Costco. so i park my massiveMobile (Costco does have great parking lots, i have to say). i get out my eco-shopping bags, my freezer bags, my Costco card, because they won’t let you in there without one. try it. the little retired ladies, former librarians probably, at the double-wide front doors with their red vests will throw you down faster than you can say “banana split.” if they can’t click that headcount clicker tallying Members Through The Door you may as well…

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If you are a writer or other artist, check out this post.

Kristen Lamb's Blog


One of the reasons WANA methods are so powerful is that WANA focuses on people and relationships, not technology. Here’s the thing. To say the Internet changes a lot is like saying that Lady GaGa is a tad eccentric. Everything changes so quickly we can’t keep up. But you know what never changes?


This is why we can still take a Shakespeare play, King Lear, set it on a farm in modern times and call it A Thousand Acres and it wins Academy Awards. Audiences can still relate. Humans are timeless. Thus, in a world where the technology changes faster than most of us can keep up, the only sure bet is people. Social platforms come and go, but humans remain.

So why am I bringing this up?

Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

We must be really careful how much power we give to any…

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